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About Commercial Associates

Equipping Orlando Real Estate Sales for Success

Whether you’re an investor, developer, or business owner, having an experienced Orlando brokerage company facilitating the business or commercial property you have an interest in is essential to achieve a successful outcome.

While specializing in Orlando business brokerage and commercial real estate, we’ve served buyers and sellers all across the state of Florida.

No matter your location, our long history in real estate and diverse background in management, leasing, finance, and ownership have equipped us to understand and evade your specific market’s potential pitfalls.

Our experts simplify transactions throughout the buy or sell process:

Effective buyer/seller expectation management

Overcoming obstacles early in the process

Identifying opportunities to save you time and money

Expertise You Can Count On

Capturing Windows of Opportunity

We help you target your moment by keeping abreast of commercial real estate cycles and trends and business trends to help you support your decision to buy or sell.

Expert Business Valuations

No emotionally-inflated price tags here. We help you determine a business’s true worth. Our years of valuating businesses best equips us to help you establish a price to sell or buy a business in Orlando and beyond.

We’ve Been There

All of our associates have been commercial property or business owners, themselves, and know the most important factors to consider when marketing or strategically planning to buy or sell a business. Our experience becomes your experience.

Consultation is Second-Nature to Us

Our consultative nature is truly what sets us apart. We always coach realistic expectations and provide critical insights when and where it matters most.

Our Associates

No matter your experience buying, selling, or leasing business or commercial property, our team at Commercial Associates are your keys to success. Let’s get to work.

Lisa Schummer

Office: 407-679-1079
Cell: 407-592-5167

Pamela Mandell

Office: 407-679-1079
Cell: 407-756-9867

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First-time buying or selling? We know how you feel & we’re here to help.

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